Custom Furniture Manufacturing

The most crucial details in an interior design project can be considered as the decorative design phase that comes after the construction part. In addition to the construction characteristics of the building, the importance of furniture and similar equipment is great in order to complete its visual and functional features. Within the scope of our custom furniture manufacturing service, we can determine and design the details of the living space in addition to identifying the characteristics of the field with drawings. For example, by designing the most suitable furniture for the size of the area,
we can achieve the most accurate use of the space. In addition, we can ensure that our customer uses exactly the design they have in mind.

We have the ability to develop and manufacture special equipment for living room sets, tables and chairs, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom furniture, bed sets, children’s rooms, special equipment for commercial spaces, and even chairs for cinemas according to the project. At this stage, our limits are the expectations of our customers, the spatial limits of the projects, and the budget level, and we can fulfill any request beyond these.

Functional and Stylish Furniture for Living Spaces

Today, especially due to multi story architecture, our living spaces do not have very large volumes. Therefore, the proper use of space is extremely important. In spaces where the area is not used correctly, even simple furniture can significantly reduce the volume, while with custom-designed
furniture, miracles can be created in a small space.

It is worth proudly stating that, by turning to our architectural design skills, we can design and produce furniture for you that has dazzling and highly functional living spaces. You can apply to our service and presentation component, either as part of our architectural project applications or directly with only a furniture request. We can design and produce for every need.

How are Custom Design Furniture Produced?

Today, modular furniture is widely used. However, if the right choice is not made, many pieces of furniture can cause more congestion than benefit. Custom design furniture is specially designed based on the general design features, geometries, and usage requirements of the area.

Depending on the customer’s budget level, design furniture can be produced with different materials. The prices of custom design furniture manufacturing, which are influenced by many factors such as the type of wood used and the coating method, can be optimized entirely through project design.

During the project design process, after decisions are made regarding the area features, colors, and other design features, planning is made for the area equipment. If ready-made furniture to be used in an area is involved, the area can be included in the project.

While preparing the project, it is possible for the customer to choose from the architect’s creative designs, or the customer can direct the architect and convey their requests. The architect can design furniture based on the requests received and present them for approval before moving on to the implementation phase.

In custom design furniture manufacturing, more qualified materials are used than ready-made furniture in every way, and the service life of these furniture pieces is much longer. Products that can be developed depending on the difficulty of usage conditions can be used as solutions for almost every area, providing eye-catching features that are suitable for the area design.